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    In concern for the welfare of our clients, we have made every effort to ensure that every employee of our company, regardless of his position, was involved in maintaining the high quality of our products.  

    From year 2005 we act according to the standard BRC (British Retail Consortium) - Global Standard for Food Safety and SQMS standard network – Supplier Quality Management System.   By this means we guarantee products of constant high and consistent quality, safe for health and meeting consumer expectations.

We are also certified producer of organic cane sugar cubes.

These products are made of the highest quality organic cane sugar. It means that sugarcane grows without any toxic pesticides and fertilizers in harmony with nature.


      Policy of social responsibility in our company is based on existing international standards and adapted to the specific environment in which we operate.  We take into account not only economic but also social, ethical and environmental aspects of the business. We create a transparent relationship with employees, customers, suppliers, partners and the local community.


      Guided by our values in 2018, we expanded our offer to include Fairtrade products. We offer sugar with the Fairtrade certificate. We also have a license to use the Fairtrade mark.

     Fair Trade is a trade partnership based on dialogue, transparency and respect that strives for greater equality in international trade. It contributes to sustainable development by offering better commercial conditions and protection of the rights of marginalized producers and employees, especially in the countries of the South.


      Aware of the growing importance of social business responsibility, we joined the international organization SEDEX.  According to the requirements we focus on four areas which are:  employment standards, occupational health and safety, the environment and the integrity of business.

     As a platforms participant we provide information on the operation of those four areas to our partners belonging to SEDEX.

      SEDEX – The Supplier Ethical Data Exchange – is a platform for data exchange in the field of business ethics. Purpose of the organization is to raise the level of ethics the responsibility in the field of economic activity, and facilitating member companies to effective management of their global supply chains in terms of business ethics.

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