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Stewia Consweet Sweetener in sachets

Stewia Consweet Sweetener in sachets

- 500 pcs.

Sweet Stewia Consweet is a great addition to food and beverages. Stevia leaf extract gives it a naturally sweet taste. As a low-calorie sweetener it is a perfect replacement for ordinary sugar. This is a perfect solution for those who care about slim silhouettes who do not want to give up sweetening coffee or tea. It does not raise blood sugar so it can be used by diabetics.
The product is available in 500 packets per cardboard box. It is possible to print sachet in any design.

Package:                       500 pcs.
Sachet:                          0,4g


Dimensions (mm):         285x185x150

Product is also available with an own brand
of a customer!

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